5 Benefits of Printed Photographs You Probably Didn’t Know About

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to spark joy, it’s photographs! And not just the digital ones. There is so much more valued in a printed photo than most of us have taken the time to think about. In addition to the fact that most people PREFER physical printed photographs over the digital ones, here are 5 additional reasons why you need to be displaying your photos prominently throughout your home:

  1. PRINTED PHOTOS BOOST SELF-ESTEEM. One of the hidden, but most powerful aspects photography that we rarely consider is how it can foster a stronger confidence and sense of belonging within the family unit. Printed photos displayed throughout the home allows for children to feel loved, important, and cared for, especially if the child can see it every day without having to turn on a device or click around on a computer to find it. It sends the message that your family is important to one another, and that the memories you create together are honored.

2. PRINTED MEMORIES LAST LONGER THAN DIGITAL MEMORIES. Studies have proven that the brain retains information far longer when it is consumed in a printed medium over a digital format. Think about the last time you were looking at a photograph of your grandparents. How long did you look at the photograph? How many conversations were started over the treasured photographs of family members?

On the flip side, how quickly do you scroll through Instagram and Facebook? You are not doing your memories justice if you let them live in your cell phone, computer, or USB drives.

3. PRINTED PHOTOS BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER. Printed photographs become a storyteller for generations to come. They tell a powerful history of who you and your family are and where you came from. A framed photo on the wall has the power to start a conversation and to spark feelings of connection and rootedness. Children feel a greater sense of belonging and safety when they see photos of themselves around their home.

4. PRINTED PHOTOS ARE FAR MORE LIKELY TO BE EXPERIENCED. When you have your photos displayed in a tangible way, they’re much easier to share with others.  How likely are you to pull out a thumb drive to show off your photos to guests? Having a physical photo album out on your coffee table gives your beautiful memories the opportunity to be re-lived, shared, and enjoyed by the guests you host.

5. PRINTED PHOTOS ARE CUSTOM ART PIECES. Getting your photos printed brings them to life in a way that digital screens just can’t. Photography is a form of art. Your family’s legacy becomes a piece of that art that can add beauty to your home.Decorating your home with these most special moments means you’ll frequently be reminded of the memories you created with the ones you love.

Now more than ever in this age of increasing digitization, do not let your family’s baby books, photo albums and framed portraits become a thing of the past. Facebook and Instagram are fleeting. Computer files can be deleted. Your phone’s camera roll lives in the digital world. But a printed photograph? That’s forever. When we revisit memories with loved ones through photographs, bonds are strengthened, relationships deepen, and memory improves. This feeling of nostalgia overall feels good.

Learn more about the benefits of printing professionally HERE.

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