5 Reasons Why Everyone Woman Needs to Experience a Boudoir Session

The beauty standards of today’s world are close to impossible. I can only imagine the things going through your mind when you picture yourself doing a boudoir. Let me be the first to tell you: No one ever knows what they’re doing when they are being professionally photographed. It’s my job as your photographer to find all the best angles to flatter your unique body type and make you feel like a Rockstar.

A boudoir is a safe place to let your walls down and let loose. Not one bride has left the studio without doubling her levels of confidence after the session. That “conquer the world” spirit is sexy.

Women: We. Are. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Repeat after me: “We… Are… Beautiful.” And even more importantly, we are ENOUGH. A boudoir is the perfect way to celebrate and appreciate your body. Owning everything you have become and being proud of it is about the best form of self-care I can think of.

We have all struggled with some form of insecurity or lack of confidence at some point in our lives. We are constantly nit picking some self-perceived flaw, and our worst critic often lives in between our ears.

It’s time to turn this narrative around. Let’s instead celebrate what makes us uniquely beautiful. Let all of those insignificant insecurities fade away once you see how fabulous you really look.

It’s time to make yourself a priority. We hear about self-care, treating yourself, pampering, but when is the last time you actually made time for yourself? And treated yourself as a priority? As women, we also constantly give… To our families, to our work, to our neighbors, to our friends. We try to make changes to better the world every single day. It’s time to make an investment in yourself!

A boudoir session is the most perfect reason to go all-out for a full day of glam. Having professional hair and makeup done always gives that bit of extra edge and confidence! With the music playing and the champagne flowing, all of the attention on this day is on Y-O-U. You’ll get to feel like a celebrity as you slip into those sexy pieces you never thought you would rock so confidently.

When all of these components come together, you will see a transformation in yourself, which will in turn equal to some of the best portraits of yourself you’ve ever seen. You deserve to feel good about yourself, and a boudoir photo session can leave that a lasting impact on your own personal self-love. And why not keep the night going? Schedule a night out with your girlfriends, pop the bubbly, and enjoy every second of that feeling like you’re worth a million bucks – Because you ARE!

Great things never came from comfort zones. A boudoir allows you to step out of your shell, become whoever you want to be, and see yourself from someone else’s perspective. YOU get to definite what YOUR sexy is. Maybe it’s time for the boss babe to take off the suit jacket and slip on some sexy lace. Maybe it’s time for the nurse to take off the scrubs and show off more of that beautiful skin. Maybe your dream is to feel like the girls on the runway, so you go for a more “glamour” boudoir.

You get to decide whatever story we’re going to tell in your boudoir session, so show off whatever side of yourself you want! It’s easy to feel consumed by some of these roles we take on, but pushing outside of those comfort zones can even teach you a little about a side of yourself you might not even know you had.

Not only will you show a different side of yourself, a boudoir will allow you to see yourself from someone else’s perspective. Instead of getting caught up in all of your insecurities, a boudoir photographer focuses on all of the features that define your beauty. You might even be shocked at how fabulous you look and fell in your final images.

There is someone out there, who loves you – Every last bit of you. This person loves you just the way you are: yoga pants, messy bun, cozy slippers and all. So, imagine the look on their face when they get the most intimate gift a significant other can receive. There is nothing sexier than your super-model confidence; and nothing compares to bringing that level of confidence to a relationship than a boudoir gift.

In addition to gifting this to someone special in your life, this is an awesome gift for YOURSELF! I’ll never forget something that one of my very first boudoir clients said to me before her wedding – “I worked my ass off for this!”

Our bodies are beautiful in all different shapes and sizes, but there’s something to be said about preserving the moment when you’ve never felt better in your own skin. Many clients even hang prints in their bathroom or closet as a daily reminder of that feeling.

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