Hey You!

After attending Illinois State University as an undergraduate for four years studying English Literature, I never would have guessed that my most treasured stories would later be told in the form of photographs!

I am a Polish-speaking, Chicago-based photographer who changed careers to follow this passion of mine. I am local to the South Loop, and I enjoy everything about living in what I believe is the best city in the world! 

My love of photography traces back as long as I could remember. Growing up, I’d never leave home without one of those point and shoot cameras, or if I’m being completely honest here, probably even a few handfuls of disposable cameras. I’d develop all of my photos and hang them all over my wall before we had these virtual walls we post all over our social media. I took my very first photography class in high school, and my first professional photography course through the Chicago Photography Academy. I haven’t stopped learning since! I find that I take something new away from each and every photoshoot.


Although it was my love of travel that inspired the initial purchase of my first professional camera, it only took a few portrait sessions to realize people are my favorite subjects to capture. When someone looks at my portrait galleries, I hope they feel the same joy as the stories being told through them. I started professional photography by capturing children, families, and maternity sessions. However, I quickly realized that my favorite thing to photograph is a couple’s love story.  

Since the official launch of my business, I strive to provide my clients with the most joyful, memorable experiences through photography. So many of my clients have become friends, and that is one of my favorite things about this job!