Improve Your Online Presence | Tips For Better Headshots

July 12, 2020

As our country slowly opens back up in phases, people looking for new jobs need headshots more than ever. The way we present ourselves online matters, and nothing will help stand out among a pool of applications than a professional headshot. Here are three tips that’ll help you when making decisions about an updated headshot and ensure you make the best possible first impression with your online presence.

1 – Hire a professional photographer.

This one sounds obvious, but for even more reasons than a professional image will always perform better than a cell phone selfie.

A professional headshot photographer has invested in the necessary training and knows exactly how to light and pose you. Furthermore, a professional will know how to evoke an authentic expression instead of a forced smile!

2 – Invest in professional hair and makeup.

People always say this, but when I actually had my own headshots done with professional hair and makeup, it made the WORLD of difference.

I felt that it was one of the best pictures of me ever taken. A make-up artist knows her craft well, and understands how to enhance all of your best features.

3 – Choosing your outfits in advance, iron out the wrinkles, and bring a few extra options.

No matter what, you wan’t to make sure you’re feeling good when you’re having your headshots taken. In order to look confident, you need to FEEL confident! Plus, your photographer can help you choose the look that’s right for what you need.

With that said, someone looking for real estate headshots is going to dress differently than an artist or musician looking for album cover designs and branding content. Someone working for a new technology start up company will want a different look than a med school student looking for application headshots.

The key is dressing the part and doing a little research before the scheduled shoot to help you achieve that look!

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