North Avenue Beach Sunrise Engagement Session | AnnMary and Shane

January 24, 2020

AnnMary and Shane met at a Catholic Retreat in Mexico City. One of the final events of the retreat was learning to salsa dance, and fate so had it that AnnMary and Shane were paired up as dance partners. AnnMary started to fall for him that night, and she felt so good about their interaction that she was sure he was going to ask for her number. Well, he didn’t ask for her number. A couple weeks later her friend convinced her to reach out to him, and the rest, she says, is history!

Both AnnMary and Shane’s families are a big part of their lives. They had similar upbringings, and both have families that play a big part in their lives and relationships. They both value their families and the love they share. It was so fitting, therefore, that their families play a role in their proposal. 

On the morning of, AnnMary’s sister surprised her by flying in from Florida and bringing her flowers and a letter from Shane. The day continued, with more letters and time spent in special places with the most important people in her life: eating lunch with her cousins at the place the couple had their first date, meeting up with friends where they had their first dance, and going on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier, where Shane asked her to be his girlfriend. Finally, AnnMary met Shane in another meaningful area, and this is where she admits that she starts to forget the story because she “was in shock and so happy to finally see Shane.” They talked, laughed, and slow danced before he pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him!

They both say they knew each other was the one within three months of knowing each other. They just get along so well, saying they couldn’t go a day without talking and just wanted to see each other all the time. According to Annmary, “we both liked who we were when we were together.”

Their relationship is grounded in this deep and stable bond. One thing they say that makes their relationship so special is the kindness and care they show each other. After meeting them, it’s clear they have something special, and are excited to make it official. Annmary says, “When we are together we make each other happier and better people and that’s what we both wanted in a relationship.”

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