Photography Contest | 2020 Results

I went into this year’s contest with one goal: Do better than last year! With having one of my images place as a finalist, that is more than I could ask for! At the end of the day, the contest is a way to keep challenging myself to learn new skills for continuous education and improvement within the industry I love so much! Below are all of the photos I entered that placed:

TOP 30%

Category: That Just Happened; Round 9, 1,698/6,683
Category: Maternity; Round 9; 5,922/28,002
Category: Share Joy; Round 9; 3,063/12,807
Category: Pets/Animals; Round 8; 8,880/26,689
Category: Engagement/Couples; Round 8; 12,494/44,871
Category: That Just Happened; Round 10; 1,440/6,683
Category: Engagement/Couples; Round 8; 12,223/44,871
Category: Engagement/Couples; Round 9; 9,636/44,871
Category: Families; Round 8; 13,054/40,404
Category: Teens/Seniors; Round 9; 8,486/34,380

TOP 20%

Category: Wedding Couple; Round 10; 3,957/37,592
Category: Engagement/Couples; Round 10; 5,710/44,871
Category: Engagement/Couples; Round 9; 8,702/44,871
Category: Maternity; Round 10; 3,848/27,991
Category: Share Joy; Round 9; 2,601/12,807

TOP 10%

Category: Travel/Landscape; Round 11; 2,535/27,698
Category: Engagement/Couples; Round 10; 3,989/44,871
Category: Emotion/Excitement; Round 11; 543/11,209
Category: Phone Photography; Round 11; 883/9,335


Category: Engagement/Couples
110 out of 44,871

50 total of my images were entered into several different categories. Another fun aspect of the contest is seeing how many times someone loves or “favorites” one of your photos! Watching the numbers go up each day lets you know that one of your photos is still in the contest! Breaking triple digits was a big deal for me this year!

Click here to see my results from last year!

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