Professional vs. Consumer Print Labs

I am often asked for recommendations of the best places to print photos. We have so many options when it comes to consumer print labs at our local pharmacies. However, nothing will beat the quality of printing professionally!

Professional labs (like the options you have linked in the shop of your digital gallery) offer only the finest papers available in the photographic industry paired with printing techniques that are calibrated with our monitors to ensure the image processing is aligned perfectly with the photographer’s exposures, color calibrations and editing style.

Featured below is an example of the vast difference in quality of generic vs. professional print lab.

  • The colors you see on the screen are professional calibrated with the print lab; therefore guaranteeing that you will receive a print with the correct color profile
  • Highest possible resolution for smooth features (As opposed to a very pixilated image with discoloration and/or dark shadows
  • Various selections of a beautiful lustre or matte finish, as well as fine art and metal prints

Every time I visit the homes of my beautiful families, it is so fulfilling to see their memories in print. Your photos are BEST enjoyed in tangible form. After already investing in your family’s memories with a portrait session, I encourage going pro when it comes to displaying all of your favorite images throughout your home!

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