Holiday Proposal on the Londonhouse Rooftop

Steven and Jaclyn met at Drake University, where they both studied pharmacy and competed for the track and field team. Steven is a year older and was always so helpful with offering advice and guidance on balancing pharmacy school with being a collegiate athlete. They both valued each other’s friendship and were bus buddies traveling for track meets. Steven would bring a headphone splitter and they would share music, stories, and laughs on the long trips together. They even ended up living in a house with other pharmacy students/track athletes for a year in college. It wasn’t until a few years later during pharmacy school rotations when the two reconnected and realized they both wanted to be more than just friends!

The couple both started their pharmacy careers in Milwaukee, which is where they both live now. Having started a tradition of enjoying the city of Chicago each year around the holidays, it did not take much convincing to get Jaclyn excited about going downtown on the day of the proposal.

When the two arrived at LondonHouse, Jaclyn was so excited to check into their room and to see the views, but Steven insisted they head to the rooftop to make their lunch reservation. Once she saw the rose pedals, framed photos of the two of them, the champagne, she then realized what was about to happen.

Jaclyn says Steven made the proposal so special for them: Being in one of their favorite places with all of their favorite people. Family is a common value that the two share, so it meant so much to Jaclyn to have family drive in and fly in from multiple cities to witness this proposal.

Jaclyn says she knew Steven was the one when she saw the way he fit right in with her family. “I love the way I can be completely myself around him, and the way he loves me even more because of that. He makes me feel safe yet challenges me to always be my best self. ” Because they had such a strong foundation of friendship prior to dating, Steven saw the wet hair in a bun, no makeup, glasses on, retainer in and still wanted to pursue dating Jaclyn.

Steven says he can still distinctly remember the first time he saw Jaclyn, not knowing how many similarities the two would soon share. “ I have always admired Jaclyn for her strong family values, work ethic, kindness, generosity, and sense of humor. As I have been fortunate enough to get to know her more, I have often asked her “how did I get so lucky?” It is in those moments and with her smiling response I am reminded she is the one.”

Jaclyn and Steven want to give a special shout-out to everyone who helped make their proposal so special:

“To the LondonHouse for providing a magical space and coordinating the timing of such a special day in our lives. The staff went above and beyond to set up pictures, photo albums, and flowers. Additionally, there was a secondary surprise for Jaclyn’s brother (Douglas) showing up! They coordinated this additional surprise for Jaclyn’s mom (Wendy) prior to the engagement. Wendy thought she was going up to the cupola to get a first look and was surprised to find her son Douglas had flown in from Alabama to be a part of the special day!

To Linda and Kathy at The Jewelry Center for spending the time to help Steven find the perfect ring that Jaclyn will cherish forever!

To Janet D Photography for capturing such special moments and working with us to help recreate some of our favorite pictures from years prior!

To our families for altering schedules and traveling to Chicago to celebrate this milestone in our lives!”

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