5 Things You Can Do To Have Better Wedding Photos

You already have so many things going on, so much to think about. Let me tell you some of the things that’ll make a WORLD of difference in your wedding photos that you probably didn’t even think about!

1.) Clean up the hotel room (Getting ready location)

Nothing clutters up a gorgeous photo more than CLUTTER! You can put a bridesmaid or two in charge of this so you are not stressing throughout the morning of your wedding! This can be anything from food, drinks and cups, wrappers, bridesmaid gift bags, make up bags, hair combs, shoes, etc.

I promise that taking a few minutes to clear these things out of the way will make such a difference in giving your photos a clean, sleek look!

2.) Choose rooms with lots of windows/natural light

If you were drawn to my photography, it’s probably because I strive for my images to have a bright, light and airy feel to them. The way I am able to accomplish this is by understanding and using the natural light!

Natural light is a flattering light for skin tones, so I will always try to take advantage of all the windows in the room to capture the getting ready moments.

Bonus getting ready tip: Make sure to ask whoever is helping you get into your dress to be dressed as well!

3.) Make sure all three rings are with the bride the morning of the wedding.

Sometimes couples think the rings go with the groom or with the best man. Since details are the first thing I photography when I arrive, I ask that the bride has all three rings in the morning. This way, I can capture all of the details together with a cohesive look.

4.) Bring 2 copies of the invitation suites and paper goods.

Having an extra response card or envelope can really help me design the flay lay for your invitations and paper goods. Flat lays are such a fun way to see all of the details and planning that has lead up to the big day come together. Having these extra pieces helps me to channel my creativity to capture all of these pieces for you!

5.) Ask your florist for some loose blooms.

I can use the left over fresh flowers in so many different ways! These really help elevate the invitation suite, the rings, and just about all of the detail shots.

BONUS TIP #6.) Ask your guests to refrain from taking out their cell phones during family formals.

I completely understand the excitement of the wedding day! For some families, this might be the first time the entire group has been together in a LONG time. I absolutely respect this, and I am not the photographer that will require the guests to put their phones away.

However, there are some things that I want you to think about BEFORE the day of the wedding. When families pull out dozens of cell phones during the “family formal” portion of the day, the group that I just posed has no idea where they should be looking. The result is about a hundred versions of the same photo, but not one has the whole group looking at the camera.

The professional photos you receive in your digital gallery will be high resolution images; therefore, they will be the best option for you to print on canvases and custom frames to display throughout the home. If everyone else tucks the phones away, you will be guaranteed to have everyone looking at the correct camera!

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