Winter Engagement Photos

Amber and Jordan’s relationship is like a classic piece of apple pie. Just as the ingredients that combine to enhance each individual flavor of this year-round delicacy, Amber and Jordan’s personalities bring out the best in one another. While Amber is the extrovert in the relationship, Jordan brings out a childlike spirit in Amber that has been so much fun to see. It is clear that the two have the most fun when they’re with each other, and they’ve definitely found a balance for a forever love.

This past October, the couple went on a weekend trip to Alabama to visit Amber’s sister, along with some other family members. Jordan is a huge fan of arcades, so the two went to one together. While claiming their prizes, Jordan suggested to Amber that she get herself a ring pop. “How sweet! He remembers that I love ring pops!” she thought.

Later on that fall night, Jordan asked Amber if she wanted to go for a walk along the beach. After many sweet words were exchanged, Jordan offered Amber a little bit of an upgrade from the ring pop and asked her to marry him. The best part is they were able to share the news with Amber’s family immediately when they got back to the house. It was a weekend of surprises for all!

Congratulations Amber and Jordan! Best of luck on this wedding planning journey!

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