End of Summer Engagement Session | Museum Campus

Jessica and Akshay met several years ago at Spring Awakening – A music festival at Soldier Field. Akshay l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y. swept Jessica off her feet when he lifted her above the crowd at the end of the night and onto his shoulders during one of the DJ sets. Jessica and Akshay both say that after that happened, the rest was history!

Museum campus was the perfect choice for an engagement session location because the Shedd Aquarium is where the two had their very first date. In fact, this is where Akshay planned to pop the big question. On the day of the proposal, Jessica was under the impression that she would be off to a nice brunch with her best friend.

Akshay planned the perfect spot to get down on one knee, but on the day of the proposal, he arrived only to find hundreds of people blocking this ideal location. Luckily, he was able to improvise and make everything work. He even coordinated a light snowfall with mother nature – Talk about romance at the Shedd! The best part of this surprise proposal was the family and friends waiting for the couple back at the apartment, ready to celebrate their big news!

Jessica knew right away that Akshay was the one. She once casually mentioned to him that her favorite chips. Weeks later on their first date, Akshay brought Jessica those exact chips! Jessica says, “There isn’t a moment when Akshay isn’t thinking of ways to make me happy.”

Akshay and Jessica’s relationship is built on a foundation of comfort and support for one another. They both value hard work, respect, honesty, family, and celebrating life’s little achievements with each other. All of these things of course, mixed in with a lot of Netflix, naps, and plenty of food comas!

Akshay says, “I had never met someone else who made me want to better myself, and at the same time make me comfortable to be completely who I am.” Jessica and Akshay both believe in never taking life too seriously. They both keep each other laughing by always sending each other memes throughout the day. At an engagement session, I am usually the one trying to pull out the jokes, but these two had me laughing the entire time!

After meeting these two lovebirds, it was clear the love they share for each other is genuine. They love to laugh together, celebrate one another, and help each other grow. Jessica says: “I can’t wait to make it official and have Akshay as my husband to navigate life with!”

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