Lincoln Park Engagement Photos | Emma and Daniel

Emma and Daniel live in Lincoln Park, so it’s only fitting that they take engagement photos there too! Emma and Daniel chose the South Pond near Lincoln Park Zoo, as well as the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool. Chicago truly has some amazing locations that juxtapose nature and urban vibes perfectly!

Their Story

It seems like fate was at work when Emma and Daniel walked into the same bar one snowy, Chicago evening. Emma was living in L.A. at the time, but visited some friends for the weekend in the city. While Emma was grabbing dinner and drinks with her two friends, Daniel was watching Loyola basketball at a friend’s place not too far. Emma and her friends spontaneously decided to grab a drink and warm up at a local dive bar on Southport Avenue called Lange’s.

Meanwhile, Daniel and his friends wanted to grab a nightcap after the game ended. They went to a nearby bar… you guessed it: Lange’s! What usually is a local crew and older crowd at the bar, Emma and her friends stood out as cute young women hanging out by the bar. Soon, Emma and Daniel struck up a conversation and ended up hanging out the entire night! They stayed in touch and eventually Daniel visited Emma out in L.A. After months of doing the long distance thing, Emma moved to Chicago for a new job, moved in with Daniel, adopted a puppy together, and the rest is history!

The Proposal

After two and a half years of dating, it took some serious planning and family coordination for this proposal to happen. Daniel booked a couple’s massage for the two of them to enjoy some quality time together. While that was happening, Emma’s brother snuck into their apartment to get their dog, Harper! While Daniel and Emma were walking around North Pond in their neighborhood, Daniel stopped and dropped down on one knee! After Emma said yes, Emma’s family jumped out from behind some trees. Then, they all shared a picnic together to celebrate the newly engaged couple.

Emma’s sister disguised herself in the distance and was able to record the whole thing! At first, Emma thought it was some nice stranger who did that. Nope! It was her sister! Her sister even had marked the pavement with colored tape so Daniel knew where to stop for the optimal spot for the engagement and recording. Although someone was on the mark, Daniel made the moment work and special for Emma!

Emma, Daniel, and Harper grew to love one another more each day in a tiny one bedroom apartment last year. That helped bring Emma and Daniel closer together! Emma knew Daniel was, “the One” after this past year. Cheers to Emma and Daniel!

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