Lincoln Park Engagement Session at Golden Hour

Monica and Lukasz have set the date for October 24, 2020! These two met through mutual friends. She played pretty hard to get at first, but he persisted, putting lots of thought and effort into their dates. So much so, in fact, that they ended up going on dates everyday for a week straight!

Lukasz’s determination for planning amazing dates continued through the proposal. He planned a date in the city, where they went to brunch and the Shedd Aquarium. Afterwards, while they were walking along the lakefront, Lukasz said he wanted to take a photo of her holding the Sears Tower. She turned around so he could take the picture, but instead found him down on one knee, telling her how much he loved her and asking her to marry him. In the words of Monika, “it was perfection!”

Monika knew she was head over heels for Lukasz their first week of dating, as she was immediately struck by his charisma, humor, and looks. She also liked that he was also Polish. It was important to her that her future husband be able to communicate with her very Polish family. So when Monika’s mother told her that she views Lukasz as her own son? Well, that sealed the deal! 

According to Lukasz, Monika is everything he could ever want in a wife and more. He admires her beauty, loyalty, sincerity, and ability to make him feel like the most important person in the world. Above all, he admires her drive for self improvement. He says, “I love having a partner who pushes me outside of my comfort zone and helps propel me to be the best all around version of myself.”

They both say that one thing that makes their relationship so special is how they love each other the way they are, while also pushing each other to grow and improve. They’re continually focused on growing together, doing everything from trying new foods and exploring new places, to working on their health and communication skills. 

They’re excited to get married and continue to grow together for the rest of their lives. Monica says, “we’re both so proud of who we are independent of one another, and the two of us together are unstoppable!”

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  1. Neely says:

    These are beautiful! I love her dress!

  2. Chris Cerna says:

    Love your edits! Their outfits are so on point! #couplesgoals

  3. darian says:

    WOWZA!! These are stunning!!

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