Museum Campus Engagement Photos | Alex and Eric

Alex and Eric chose Museum Campus for their engagement photo session in March. March can be a hit or miss in Chicago, but golden hour definitely delivered for this session. I just love how much fun these two have with each other and their sweet pup, Beau!

Their Story

Eric went to high school with one of Alex’s best friends from college, so the two kept running into each other over the years. The both love spending time with their families and doing everything they can to make their dog Beau happy! During quarantine especially, they had lots of time to take him to dog parks and go on long walks together.

When you are best friends before you start dating, you know you’re in it for the long run. And Alex and Eric both new is was going to last forever as soon as their relationship crossed into dating.

The Proposal

Alex and Eric dated for three years before the proposal. On the day he proposed, Eric planned a picnic and a bike ride to Humbolt Park. He picked up Alex’s favorite meal, Potbelly’s, for dinner. Alex knew something was up when Eric didn’t finish his meal (he usually does so much faster than Alex!). Eric also made sure to have a friend sitting on top of a hill and taking pictures to document the sweet moment of the proposal.

Congrats Alex and Eric! I cannot wait for this fall wedding in Oct 2021!

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