5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Album

You have a love story for the ages. You had the perfect proposal, and the wedding of your dreams. The flowers were stunning, the dress beautiful, and the venue idyllic.  And now your images will allow you to relive this incredible day with future generations.

So, what is the BEST way to show off your most special life moments? Printing your images and turning your memories into tangibles. The greatest treasure you can invest in is your custom wedding heirloom album.

1. CREATE A LEGACY: A Wedding Heirloom Creates a Legacy. Your wedding album is the FIRST family heirloom of the family you build together. Think about the photographs and albums you have of your parents and their wedding. Think about the photographs and albums you have of your grandparents. I still have the wedding album from my parents’ wedding. Yes, it is over 40 years old, but those old-fashioned, sepia toned prints sandwiched between a layer of plastic and sticky paper are pristine. I love knowing that I take it out anytime I want to and still be able to feel the emotions that they experienced throughout their special day. Your kids and grandkids will also thank you one day when they can look through your very own custom wedding heirlooms.

2. OUTLIVE TECHNOLOGY: Change is constant, and technology is no exception to this. I am old enough to remember the days of saving files to floppy discs, CDs, DVDs, etc. Those things are pretty much obsolete now. Even USBs are on their way out.  The one thing that will stand the test of time is a wedding album. It will last a lifetime. My parents’ wedding album is older than a floppy disk, it holds more photographs, it looks way better on a shelf, and it far more accessible!

3. EXPERIENCE THE TANGIBLES: Our most cherished possessions are those that come with meaningful, memorable moments. People are far more likely to experience your memories if they’re tangible. Think about how likely you are to pull out a thumb drive or search a computer for digital files to show your guests. Having a physical photo album out on your coffee table, however, means that your beautiful wedding will continue to be re-lived by the friends and loved ones your host in your home over the years.

4. EVOKE EMOTION: Physical, printed images evoke emotion. Being able to physically hold something has a very powerful psychological effect. Human are innately drawn to physical objects, able to form strong emotional connections with them. Looking at your photos is one thing, but being able to hold them and flip through them is another experience entirely– one that will allow you to relive those magical moments even more vividly.

5. SHARE THE EXCITEMENT: Wedding albums allow you to share the excitement with those that weren’t able to attend. Maybe you have a sick relative in a nursing home. Showing them your wedding gallery through your cell phone is not going to give them the experience of seeing you walk down the aisle as seeing it in print will. Perhaps you have family overseas that was not able to attend your big day. What better way to have them feel the joy you felt than your wedding album.

Your most cherished memories deserve to last, and getting them printed will take them from a collection of pixels to a gorgeous piece of art and love that can be passed down through generations.

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