Amy and Jack | Lincoln Park Zoo Engagement Session

Amy and Jack’s story goes way back, all the way to elementary school. Amy’s mom was Jack’s fourth grade teacher, and Jack’s mom hemmed all of Amy’s prom dresses. But it wasn’t until they serendipitously crossed paths again after college that love was sparked. And the rest? Well, that’s history.

They showed up wearing matching blue jeans and white shirts, and the similarities between them don’t end there. They’ve both dedicated their lives to serving others – Amy as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse and Jack as a teacher.

The most special part of this engagement session was the special guest star: Bro! Their pup even played a role in their proposal story. Bro was there, dressed up in a bow tie, when Jack proposed to Amy before their dinner reservations on their 4 year anniversary. The proposal was private, just between the three of them, exactly how Amy wanted it.

Laughter and playfulness is a big part of their relationship. According to the two, they never stop laughing and always have a good time with each other. They both value spending time with their families and especially with their dog Bro. Amy even notes that “he loves spending time with my family more than I do.”

The joy and humor they share is how they knew they were meant to be. Amy says that she knew Jack was her person because “he makes me smile everyday I spend with him.” For Jack, he knew Amy was the one because “she makes me laugh every day and she pushes me to be a better person.” 

After meeting these two, it was clear that the love, warmth, and play they share is true. Their mutual obsession with their dog, as well as their ability to have fun and be at ease with each other shines through. Amy says: “we are so lucky to be in love with our best friend. We know we are blessed to have the relationship we have.” I can’t wait for their big day in June 2020!

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