Montrose Beach Bird Sanctuary Engagement

Jaimie and Selwyn’s love story was a slow burn. They’ve known of each other for ten years, but didn’t become friends until years later. Jaimie knew Selwyn was interested in her, but hadn’t been ready to talk to get involved with anyone just yet, despite friends and cousins continually hinting that he was a great guy and she should give him a chance.

It wasn’t until they crossed paths at his cousin’s wedding that Jaimie began to see Selwyn in a different light. They ended up hanging out at the wedding, and then every day afterwards. They grew to like each other more and more, and slowly their relationship developed. After a year and a half of dating, they got engaged. “I am so glad we crossed paths when we did,” says Jaimie. “Selwyn is thee sweetest guy I could have ever asked for!”

Selwyn pulled out all the stops for his elaborate proposal, enlisting the help of both of their families. A week before the planned proposal, Selwyn’s sister invited Jaimie to a “girls only brunch,” which Jaimie found odd because they had “never had a girls only anything.” The oddities continued: Selwyn repeatedly mentioned that she should do her nails, and his sister suggested Jaimie wear pants to the brunch. 

Once Jaimie arrived at the brunch, it was clear there was something going on. She was given a dress and a clue, and was sent off on a scavenger hunt which eventually led her to a group of her cousins and friends, who then led her across multiple bridges at Gallery Park. The scavenger hunt ended in Selwyn getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him. But the surprises didn’t end there! After the proposal, Selwyn took Jaimie to Punch Bowl, where there were a hundred of their family and friends waiting to celebrate. In the words of Jaimie, “best proposal ever!”

Their relationship is built on a solid foundation of shared values. They’ve both devoted their lives to helping others, Jaimie as a nurse and Selwyn as a social worker. They also both care deeply about family, and Jaimie notes that it was incredibly special to see how well Selwyn got along with hers. He gets along especially well with her 93 year old grandma, who is her best friend and soon-to-be matron of honor. 

Jaimie knew Selwyn was the one from the first day they started hanging out. She instantly felt comfortable and confident being herself around him. According to Jaimie, he cares for her just as much now as he did from the start, adding that “he is the most sweetest, genuine person out there and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

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