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Angelina and Brandon’s love story traces back all the way to freshman year of high school at Angelina’s Spring Fling! The couple dated for 9 years before they got engaged. One of the reasons their love is so special is because they grew up together; and furthermore, so did both of their families!


Brandon proposed to Angelina at the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights during their annual BYOB Trolley Ride. He asked Angelina to go take pictures by the snow globe that was set up in the middle of the zoo. However, once they arrived, the line for pictures was too long, it was super cold, and no one wanted to wait in line.

Right behind the globe, there was a small secluded area that overlooked the river that ran through the middle of the zoo. As the two stood in front of the river, Angelina noticed that their friends had disappeared and it got really quiet. Before she could piece together what was happening, Brandon hugged her and whispered “you know how much I love you, right?” And then he got down on one knee and asked Angelina to marry him!

Angelina says she was so in shock, as she had been waiting for this moment for so long! Their group of best friends got the whole proposal on video and they were screaming in the background! Angelina recalls it being one of the most special moments of their lives!

Meanwhile, Brandon told Angelina’s family that he was proposing on New Year’s Eve, so after the couple left the zoo they also got to surprise all of them with the exciting news. They had the BEST reaction anyone could have ever imagined! Angelina also says that being able to celebrate the engagement with all of their loved ones during the holidays made everything that much more special.


Angelina and Brandon say that the longevity of their relationship is the most special. They have gone through a lot of important life events together, which has made their relationship stronger. “We feel that the opposition of our strengths and weaknesses makes us better life partners because we are better together than we are apart.”

As a couple, Angelina and Brandon value their time with each other, as well as their time family and friends. They also value each other’s passion for their respective professions and love to see each other accomplish career goals. They consider themselves each others’ greatest support systems and they value altruism and healthy lifestyles.

I sometimes like to ask my couples how they knew their significant other was “the one?” Angelina’s response:

“I knew Brandon was the one after a few months of dating him. His sense of humor, passion for hockey, and sweet nature made me feel secure and lucky to have snatched a truly one of kind human. His family has welcomed me in with open arms from the start and have always felt like my own family. Without Brandon I would not be as happy and as accomplished as I am today. He has been my biggest support and has always motivated me to strive for my goals! Having to support me through the rigors of pharmacy school, and now a residency program, has not always been easy, but he is the one person that always reminds me that the struggles are worth the reward.”

Brandon’s Response:

“I knew Angelina was there one from the first time I ever met her, truly one of those ‘love at first sight moments everyone sees in movies’. There was a lot more to her than just her beauty. She is a very intelligent, compassionate, loving and selfless person. She’s always there to support me in any way I need. Her being the oldest of four daughters to a big Italian family definitely had its challenges, no one can honestly say it was not intimidating but as I got to know her and her family, it felt like home. I knew I was lucky to find her at a young age in life and now I could
never imagine my life without her. She quickly become more than just a girlfriend, now fiancé and soon to be wife. She is the love of my life and my best friend.”


A special guest appearance was made by the couple’s other love – Their pup, Pandora!! Pandora is so special to their relationship. They got her five years ago together, on a complete whim during their senior year of undergrad. They say that taking care of her and loving her has allowed them both to build a deeper connection, be less selfish, and love a lot more.

Angelina and Brandon have set the date for June 26, 2021! And after all of the laughs we shared at this engagement session, I know this wedding is going to be a blast, and I’m already counting down to get these two in front of the camera again!

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  1. Gina Raimonde says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! A true love story!!!
    Angelina and Brandon we love you both so much and look so forward to what the future holds for you both. Brandon, thank you for taking care of our precious daughter, we have always loved you as one of our own!!
    May God bless you both with much happiness together.
    Can’t wait for 6/26/21!!!

  2. Marissa says:

    Love these two!!!! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!

  3. Dad Raimonde says:

    May God bless both of you as you continue your journey together. We love you unconditionally and will be here for you always. Looking forward to all of the wonderful things in store for you. Love, Dad

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