Hurley Gardens Engagement Session | Christa and John

Christa and John have their best friends to thank for their love story. When their best friends started dating each other, they conspired to set Christa and John up (a prime double date situation!). They started dating the following year, when they were 19 and 20, respectively, and have only grown more in love each of the 7 years since!

Of course, their best friends also made an appearance at the proposal. After going out for appetizers and drinks date last spring, Christa and John went to pick up their daughter Kinsley from John’s parents house. When Christa walked through the front door, she was met with a trail of rose petals leading the way through the house and onto the back patio, where both of their families, their best friends, a bottle of bubbly and a beautiful bouquet of flowers were waiting. Afterwards they all went to dinner to celebrate what Christa calls an “absolutely perfect” proposal!

One of the reasons their relationship is so special is that they grew up together. Because they started dating when they were young, they got to figure out adulthood together. It’s because of that strong bond that their relationship is able to thrive even as their busy schedules collide. Christa is a night shift nurse, while John is a car salesman, and their hours don’t always match up. They can sometimes go a week without seeing each other for more than a few minutes! Because of this, Christa says, “when we do get our time together, we value it more and make the most of it.”

Christa and John’s relationship is grounded in a deep love and a shared commitment to their family. According to Christa, she knew John was the one the day their daughter was born. After the birth, the nurse asked John if he’d like to hold her. “When he turned around to face me I just lost it,” Christa says, “because that’s when I knew this is all that matters and all that I want forever.”

After meeting these two and seeing them interact, both with each other and with their daughter, it’s clear their bond is deep and lasting. The love and warmth they share shines through, and they can’t wait to get married next fall and seal the deal!

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