Millennium Park Engagement Session

Lauren and Will are the kind of couple who, when it starts drizzling during their engagement photoshoot, are more than happy to take the opportunity to dance in the rain! They have fun together, and the joy and love they find in each other is evident. They met at a bar called Pour Brothers in Fort Collins, Colorado, and dated for around a year before getting engaged. Will moved to Houston for work at the beginning of 2019, and Lauren followed a couple months later.

Will had been planning the proposal for months before Lauren followed him to Texas, and during that time had looked at the ring (that he later proposed with) every night while they spoke on the phone. On the day it happened, Will told Lauren that they had to go to a work party in a small beach town nearby. They got dressed up and headed to the coast, but when they got there (much to Lauren’s confusion) they got on a sailboat by themselves. Will walked her over to the front of the boat, then got down on one knee! 

During the proposal, a storm was brewing around them. Will was even nervous to take the ring out of the box because of all the rain and wind! But according to Lauren, it was all absolutely perfect. Her favorite memory of that day is the fact that they got poured on in their fancy clothes, but still had an amazing time together and made the best of it. Now it’s like an inside joke between them: “I guess meeting at “Pour” Brothers was foreshadowing of all of our rainy special occasions!” says Lauren.

That playful spirit is one of the things that makes their bond so special. No matter what, they never get tired of each other. They love spending time together, exploring new things and finishing each other’s sentences. They love to travel (they travelled here from Texas for this shoot!), and recently went to Italy together. Bellissimo!

They knew early on that their love was the perfect match. Their mutual humor and openness attracted each other, and they can’t wait to make it official this summer! They’re in for a lifetime of laughter and love, come rain or shine. 

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